Amazing Cake Designs by Dinara Kasko


Most of the time, a person can easily predict what cake tastes like, by just looking at it. But, that might be a hit or miss, when it comes to the cakes by Ukrainian pastry chef Dinara Kasko. Most of her creations would look great on a display of a contemporary art museum. Kasko actively incorporates math and uses 3D modeling and printing, in order to create different cakes and silicon molds. Cake shapes and design are innovative, but some of the ingredients she uses: sponge cake, chocolate mousse, shortcrust dough, and meringue are well known for everyone, with a sweet tooth.

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Geometry figure #7 Raspberry cake: Raspberry mousse, cremeux, confit and sponge cake. Cover with red glaze. The cake was made with my silicone mold. Геометрия фигура #7 Малиновое пирожное:малиновый мусс с меренгой, малиновое кремю, малиновое конфи, бисквит дакуаз, зеркальная глазурь. Эту форму делали из силикона. Она составная, сложная в работе и для массового производства абсолютно не подходит. Тем не менее выглядит пирожное в жизни потрясающе. По поводу продажи остальных форм напишу в ближайшее время. #okmycake #pastryinspiration #chocolatejewels #pastryart #cake #kharkov #харьков #chefsofinstagram #gastroart #art #pastryart #dinarakasko #chefstalk #pastry #chefs #geometry #instadessert #foodcreation #foodartchefs #foodporn #beautifulcuisine #callebaut #photoart#raspberry#cakevideo

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