Oscar, the Cat That Predicts Death


Since ancient times, animals have shown to have the ability to predict the future. It is no secret that they can even feel when a natural disaster is coming. And it is fact that cats are the most likely of all animals to predict a misfortune. Cats can even announce a person’s death.

This is the case of Oscar, an American cat that lives on the roof of a mental hospital in Rhode Island. Oscar has proven that he can predict the death of terminally ill patients. According to doctors at Steere House Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Providence, Rhode Island, Oscar snuggles down into patients’ beds with nearly two hours before they breathe their last gasp.

The two-year old cat had predicted correctly the death of over 100 patients. The staff trusts Oscar so much that when they see him laying next to a patient, they immediately call the patient’s family members to say goodbye. According to Dr. David Dosa, a professor at Brown University, who has studied Oscar’s abilities, the cat makes few mistakes.

Specialists have two explanations for Oscar’s six sense. They believe that his ability may be connected with the fact that most patients can’t move or that Oscar is able to smell ketones, which are biochemicals released by dying cells.

Oscar was adopted, along with other five kittens, by the mental facility, after the Steere House’s first therapy pet died. It’s name was Henry, after the benefactor Henry J. Steere. In just six months, Oscar begun to make his own rounds. However, doctors and nurses explain that Oscar is not at all friendly with his patients.

While most families are grateful to Oscar for the heads up, some ask the medical staff to take the cat out of the salon. When Oscar is forced to stay on the hallway, he gets mad and starts to do laps outside the front door, whining.

On the other hand, Oscar is not at all seen as the cat that brings death, but he is loved by all those who live at the hospital. He became famous in 2007, when Dr. David Dosa published his study in the New England Journal of Medicine. Three years later, the geriatrician released a book about Oscar, called “Making Rounds With Oscar: The Extraordinary Gift of an Ordinary Cat”. Moreover, Oscar became the leading star in various radio or TV shows, song, and short movies.

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