Proof That Hobbies Are Now Stranger

Yarn Bombing

Yarn Bombing

If you’re bored with your daily routine and feel the need to break it, you can do so with the aid of some new skill or simply finding something that will get you connected with people that like the same things as you do. While back in the day having a scrapbook used to be one of the best hobbies of all, these days we have the Internet offering us the weirdest hobby ideas you’re likely to come across.

Here is a selection of some of the more…interesting pass-times people these days have:

Starch Extreme Ironing on Rivelin Needle. Rivelin Rocks, United Kingdom

Starch Extreme Ironing on Rivelin Needle.
Rivelin Rocks, United Kingdom

1. Extreme Ironing – Many people hate ironing, but it seems that those who like it, like it a whole lot. So much so that they made an extreme competitive sport out of it. Similar to surfing or kayaking, extreme ironing is a sport in which one participates in a myriad of sporting events, cycling, snowboarding, etc all while ironing a random shirt. Basically, you can expect to see some someone climb a difficult side of a mountain only to reach the top and start ironing.


2. Toy Voyaging – This one is fairly easy to understand. If you have some toys that could really use a vacation, then you can register it on a website through which you can find someone from anywhere in the world, to take your toy in as a guest. You can even offer to host someone else’s toy. As if that wasn’t strange enough, you can even create missions for your toy, telling the host exactly what your toy would like to visit and do while traveling. The travel log is updated regularly with pictures of what your toy is up to.


3. Church bell ringing (campanology) – Campanology is the study of bells, but it’s also the word used to describe the hobby of ringing bells. Church bells that is. This pass-time typically starts at a tender age and carried on throughout the years. Of course, church bell ringing is not that easy, requiring a certain technique, but it does offer a pretty good core and cardio workout.


4. Robot Building – If you have an engineering degree and a love of Transformers, then it’s possible that this one’s for you. There are plenty of robots you can build and if you’re new to this, fret not, as there is a book titled ‘Robot Building For Beginners’, that will help you master the basics. Once this is don you can build a robot to fold your socks, find the pennies under the couch pillows or anything else you might want it to do.


5. Guerrilla Gardening – Yes, it is what it sounds like it is. Typically taking place in neglected gardens or spaces, guerrilla gardeners practically plant flowers, mow lawns and just offer random gardens some tender love and care. Do not be mistaken, this is not just genuine OCD, some guerrilla gardeners are actually political activists sending a message.


6. Postcrossing – This is actually quite an interesting hobby. You basically join over 350,000 members from more than 200 countries and simply start sending postcards (a real one) to each other. This is the absolute best way of starting an impressive postcard collection.

Paul Yarrow - the Newsrider.

Paul Yarrow – the Newsraider.

7. Newsraiding – You’ve seen this one done hundreds of times, you just didn’t know there was a name for it. Newsraiding is the practice of appearing as a random bystander in the background of news reports. This is more of a sometimes-hobby because it takes a lot of luck and planning skills. However, U.K.’s Paul Yarrow has managed the feat of appearing in the background of well over 100 news reports.


8. Yarn Bombing – Known as urban knitting, guerrilla knitting or yarnstorming, it’s considered to be similar to graffiti, except they can be removed any time. Yarn bombers basically cover a tree, car or even an entire bridge in colorful yarn, livening up an otherwise cold city landscape. At least that’s the idea behind it.

These are just a few of the strange hobbies you can take up to scare away the boredom of the day-to-day routine. Or, if you are so inclined, you can always create your own weird hobby.

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