The Weirdest Baby Names of 2013


Choosing the perfect name for a child, a name that the child will have to bear throughout life, is a difficult task for parents. Because they want to give special names to their little ones, many parents turn to names with historical meaning or names of their favorite characters on TV shows, while others prefer to think out of the box, so they choose some unusual names.

At this rate, one should not be surprised to hear that a famous fashion star is named Cheese or that a president answers to Kiwi. And the truth is that some parents have chosen to name their daughter Kiwi in 2013.

One of the largest sites dedicated to parents, Baby Center, has published a list with the strangest baby names of 2013. Here’s some of the names that stand out on top.

Eager to give a really special name to their daughters, to be sure their babies will stand out in a crowd, some parents chose names such as Amorette, Blip, Butterbean, Duda, Fairy, Green, Jury, Huxley, Harlowe, Kiwi, Kelby, Loveena, Tulip, Sida, Pippin, Wrigley or Zelia. And these are just some of the most unusual names that were given this year to girls.

The same trend can be observed among celebs. This year, one of the most famous couples in Hollywood, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, named their little girl North, so her full name is North West.

On the other hand, Beyonce is a popular source of inspiration for parents, who try to name their little girls after the hot Queen B. So, some named their baby girls Beyonce, Breyonce, Beyoncee and even Veyonce.

The list of weird names for boys include Ab, Baobao, Cheese, Chow, Egypt, Finch, Hurricane, Ivory, Jag, Kashmere, Legend, Miggy, Panda, Phone, Rocket, Tintin and Zion.

If neither of these children names seems at least unusual to any of you, you should know that the situation is not different from what had happened in the past. Last year, for example, 12 boys were named Superman, while two were baptized Hotdog. Moreover, three babies that were born in 2008 were named Mushroom.

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