Mercy Brown Vampire Story


America has many bizarre stories and this is one of them. So here’s a little bit about vampire incident that happened in the early 1890s. Allegedly, this case was so famous that Bram, the author of the novel Dracula, based his novel’s character Lucy upon it.

The story unfolded in Exeter, Rhode Island in 1892. Three Brown family members were being killed off by tuberculosis. The mother Mary passed away first, then the eldest daughter, Mary Olive, and then the younger daughter, Mercy died from the disease. When the brother, Edwin became sick, the neighbors started to talk. Friends and neighbors believed that the deaths were due to the influence of the undead. They advised the father, George Brown that he would have to exhume the bodies of his deceased wife and daughters. They truly believed that one of the deceased was actually a vampire. George being confused went along with the suggestion.

So in March 17, 1892, George Brown and others went to the cemetery of the Baptist Church in Exeter and dug up the bodies. His wife Mary and Mary Olive were both decomposed. However, Mercy’s body was unchanged. Panic spread along the villagers. This went along with the old superstition, which associated numerous deaths in one family to undead activity. The heart of the exhumed body was removed and burnt, ashes were mixed with water and given to her sick brother Edwin to drink, in order to cure him. The locals had believed that Edwin would have survived but he died two months later.

That’s the tale of Mercy Brown, the young girl who died at age 19 from tuberculosis and then after death since she never decomposed and her hair and nails grew, she was named a vampire. Another part of this strange story is that many have seen Mercy’s ghost wandering through gravestones at night.

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