The Isdal Woman Is One of Norway’s Deepest Mysteries


There are various unsolved mysteries in the world, but few of them have managed to stir up intense speculation over the years. One of these cases is called “The Isdal woman” or “Isdalskvinnen” in Norwegian, which refers to an unsolved crime that involves an unidentified woman found dead in Isdalen Valley, popularly known as “Death Valley”, in Bergen, Norway.

Data shows that the woman’s burned naked body was found on November 29th, 1970, by a University professor and his two daughters. Later on, police found next to the victim a burned-out passport. According to the autopsy report, the woman took various sleeping pills before she died from blunt force trauma. Despite the fact that local police concluded that the woman committed suicide, the conclusion had always been considered most controversial.

Moreover, the whole investigation concerning the case was strange. Along the woman’s body and her burned passport, officers also found bottles of liquor and gasoline. A very curious thing was that the woman’s fingerprints and along with her dental records have been erased or something like that, as neither of them was able to led to the victim’s identity.

Later on, police also discovered in a safety deposit box at a train station two suitcases that belonged to the victim. However, all her clothes were left without labels. There were also various fake passports that had entrance stamps from Moscow, a prescription bottle with no label, 500 Deutsche marks and an impressive collection of wigs. All these evidence led to the theory that the woman might have been a spy.

Another weird fact is that more than 100 eyewitnesses stated to have seen the woman on the days leading up to her death, but none was able to describe her features. However, everyone agreed that she was “an attractive foreign lady in her 30s or 40s”, who seemed to be German, French or Italian. The primary witness, who was an Italian photographer who had had dinner with the victim before she died, believed that the woman was an antiques collector from South Africa on a sightseeing trip. He couldn’t give any other useful details.

It’s 44 years since the woman’s body was found, but nobody was able to find out what really happened to her. This case has became the most comprehensive criminal case by the Bergen police, not to mention that it is one of Norway’s deepest mysteries.

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