Magnificent Skies, Captured by an Extreme Storm Chaser

Nebraska Tornado Intercept

Mike Hollingshead’s portfolio includes pictures of tornadoes. He seems to be lucky (or not?) when it comes to spotting the most extreme weather in America. While luck is definitely part of it, it’s mostly just a lot of hard work and gazillion of miles of driving, he says.

Chasing storms has been Hollingshead’s hobby for more than a decade. He is self-taught, both in meteorology and photography. Eventually, the magnetism of chasing got bigger, so he quit his job and started chasing storms full time.

Just a glance at a few storm images by Mike Hollingshead and it’s obvious that he has seen it all, and likely put his life at risk to do so.

May 22, 2010 Bowdle South Dakota Violent Tornado

Night Supercell

Whales Mouth

Truck Stop and Twilight Supercell

Nebraska Twilight Supercell

Nebraska Twilight Supercell

Nebraska Mammatus

Nebraska Summer Supercell

Iowa Supercell

Kansas Tornado

Ugly Nebraska Supercell

Nebraska Supercell

Mammatus Clouds

South Dakota Mammatus Clouds

TV Tower Lightning

South Dakota Severe Hail Storm

South Dakota Bow Echo

Badlands Fog Storm

Stormy Nebraska Sunset

You can check out his work, also available for purchase as prints, on his website.

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