Frost Flowers in Finland – a Magical Winter Phenomenon


If you are happen to be near a small Finnish lake called Little Tahkon this winter, you may stumble upon an amazing and a rare sight; a beautiful clearing, full of stunning white blooms. You might probably think they were frozen flowers but upon closer look, you’ll understand that they aren’t plants at all…

Photographer Jari Toivonen, who lives by the lake in a small Finnish village, says that he never seen such phenomenon before. Toivonen himself suspects that the rare occurrence arises from the fact that the ice is very flat: perfect for ice skating. The ice begins to accumulate on the surface forming a meticulous flower patterns.




Known as an Arctic “sea meadows”, this phenomenon was first recorded in 2009 by a team of biologists, who encountered these little flowery things growing on the frozen sea, while sailing back from the North Pole. According to scientists, they were growing “like a meadow spreading off in all directions. Every available surface was covered with them. It was absolutely astonishing”.


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