The Rockabilly: A Subculture Stuck in the 1950s


At first look, you might think that these pictures were taken sometime in the 1950s, but these are members of America’s Rockabilly community.

Photographer Jennifer Greenburg has been capturing America’s Rockabilly subculture for more than a decade. Rockabillies not only dress like it’s the Fifties, but also drive old cars and decorate their homes with vintage furniture to mimic the retro sets.

For this subculture fashion is not only appearance and vanity. This is a culture of people who live as a community. They don’t go to the mall and buy the image of fifties. Most of them are skilled at repairing and restoring own belongings.

Mrs. Hughes in Her Kitchen, Chicago, IL 2003

The K-Wals, Itasca, IL 2004

Ruby Van Go-Go and Stuart in Love on Tammy Wynette’s Couch,  N

Bobby in the Finished Caddy at The Pile-Up, Morris, IL 2008

Tom Culbertson,  Indianapolis, IN, 2003

Vivien, Berwyn, IL, 2006

Mr. Mysterious and Mamie, Minneapolis, MN, 2004

Arty The Cowboy,  Itasca, IL, 2004

Jolie in Her Bedroom,  Chicago, IL 2004

Laurie in Her Apartment in Bridgeport, Chicago, IL 2003

The History of Rockabilly.

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