The Art of Stephen Wilkes – Day and Night Series


Photos usually represent a snapshot and capture only a brief moment of time. Stephen Wilkes didn’t settle for that though. This beautiful project captures the restlessness of New York in a perfect way. Taking over a thousand pictures of famous places in the city over a 10-hour period and combining them together with computer aid he made a whole day appear in only one image. His passion for photography is well exposed in his Day and Night series. Most of the pictures taken were in New York and the construction of the photographs combines technical knowledge with the keen eye of a true artist.

For more than two decades Stephen Wilkes has been widely known for his art and commercial photography. Thanks to numerous prizes and awards, and five major exhibitions in the past five years, Wilkes has left an indelible mark of his style in the world of photography. In recent years, the photographs of Wilkes were published in magazines such as Vanity Fair, Sports Illustrated, Time, Life Magazine, and The New York Times Magazine. His work in New York and its series of touristic objectives were highlighted in “The New York Times Magazine” as one of a series of exceptional stylistic value.

Stephen Wilkes was repeatedly awarded and recognized as one of the greatest photographers of our time with numerous awards including the “Alfred Eisenstaedt Magazine for Photography ” award, “Photographer of the Year ” by the Adweek magazine, and even a praise from the “Graphics Magazine and Communication Arts.”








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