Dan Pauly Turns Wood Into Magical Fairytale Houses


Representing the fourth generation of craftsmen who work with wood, Dan Pauly transforms recycled small houses that seem to have come out of a fairy tale. Whether it is a sauna, an outbuilding, a shed or a house itself, the American craftsman can create structures that seem to come from a film by Tim Burton, representing a balance between Gothic culture and fantasy worlds.

Magical aura surrounds the work of Pauly, and allows viewers to see that architecture can have a playful side to be discovered. The family history of Pauly is interesting. His great-grandfather emigrated from Switzerland to the United States in the late 1800s, and began the manufacturing of farm sheds and wood cabins. Since then, the Pauly family has continued the tradition linked to wood construction, making it a real brand name and surname.

Dan’s company is called Rustic Ways, and it is based in Minnesota. He mainly uses reclaimed and salvaged wood for building these tiny structures, in order to give them that old, magical look. Dan now has an extensive clientele, and he does custom designs, according to each customer. But all of his creations share one common, acclaimed design: the imposing pointy roof, his trademark.

So far, he has built them in sizes ranging from six foot depth to twelve foot. If you plan on buying one of these wonderful cottages, you should expect prices from 6000$ and up to 12000$, depending on the level of detail and customization you prefer.

Dan also crafts magnificent furniture and cabinets. You can find out more about his work at the official Rustic Way website: http://rusticway.com/







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