Car mechanic, entertainer or monarch? King Bansah does it all

Photos by Mirka Laura Severa

Photos by Mirka Laura Severa

Monarch or auto mechanic? While many people would choose the first option, King Bansah decided to rule his country mostly online while working on his own car shop in Germany as a mechanic. His kingdom is over 6,000 kilometers away, on the west side of Africa, with over 200,000 citizens who depend on his decisions. Can he manage both?

From spiritual chief of the Ewe people in Togo to being the ruler of Hohoe, Ghana, King Bansah feels responsible for over 2 million human beings on a daily basis. Simultaneously, he lives in the small town of Ludwigshafen in Germany along with his wife, Gabriele.

Even though his country became a democracy in 1992, the king still raises money in order to build bridges and build schools for his people. Apart from his small car business, the man often appears on entertainment TV shows in Germany where he dances and sings for various audiences. Due to his hard work and dedication, King Bansah manages to travel all the way to Hohoe no less than 8 times per year.

Still, why would a king become an auto mechanic? Togbe Ngoryifia Céphas Kosi Bansah, or simply called King Bansah, was convinced by his father to travel to Germany and learn mechanics. After the death of his grandfather – the previous king of Hohoe – one of his descendants needed to take his place. Neither Bansah’s father or his brother could become kings, as they were left-handed, which is forbidden by the traditions of the Ewe people. Although he had already settle down in Germany as a car mechanic, the man took up the position – and he has been taking care of his people ever since.





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