Horror Photography by Joshua Hoffine

01 - H3q9dxt

Photographer Joshua Hoffine believes, that everyone is born with a certain fears, like the fear of the dark, or the fear to be eaten. However, these fears are losing strength as we grow up and they get lost in our subconscious.

In his photos, Hoffine tries to revive these fears and tells a horror story seen by child’s eyes. The result is terrifying and creepy. Fortunately, the whole picture comes alive after using Photoshop. So, no children were harmed during the photo shoot.

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03 - 2ZcURji

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07 - hIDVbnU

08 - usLBx7a

09 - 9OY1Tt3

10 - W35NVuf

11 - rKtZcsB

12 - Z5Zae9f

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