Amazing Paintings of a Graffiti-Covered Earth by Josh Keyes


An American contemporary artist Josh Keyes created a new series featuring graffiti. In the past, graffiti was seen in the background of Keyes’ paintings, but now it become a focal point of his work.

For Keyes, placing graffiti writing on a space shuttle, on an iceberg and on a whale’s tale, demonstrates a footprint we are leaving on our planet. It is an indicator of our attitude towards the environment. The messages like: “I’ll melt with you” written on an iceberg and “Houston we are the problem” on a space shuttle, show our impact on the world.

“My personal concern is, that this will be a reality some day and speaks to a larger issue of our relationship, with the natural world. The satellite and space graffiti hints, that even if we colonize other worlds, what mark will we leave? No matter where we go there is evidence of our presence.” Keyes said.

Keyes’ will exhibit his paintings later this year with Thinkspace Gallery in LA. You can see more of his works on his Instagram and website.






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