The Art of Embracing Depression and Anxiety

If you complain about being depressed, most likely you would be advised to pay visit to your shrink. But it turns out that there is another way to fight with your depression and anxiety, which, surprisingly, doesn’t involve fighting at all. And before you start dwelling on that decadence is back, read up that term, as it very loosely related to self-indulgent behaviour. Since the late noughties the method of embracing depression, rather than fighting it, was getting more and more popular. Let’s figure out whether this technique is more efficient than traditional methods of dealing with depression, and, thus, find out why it’s so popular.

Subduing or Embracing

The more traditional way of coping with depressing is trying shake it off or ignore it. While shaking it off, either with pills or with psychotherapy works in most of the cases, ignoring never does. Ignoring your depression would only lead to sinking deeper into it. Of course, you may act as if nothing has happened and have fun as much as you want, and you would get the feeling that you are no longer depressed. But as soon as the party is over you are on your own, face to face with your depressive mood again. Thus, you are only subduing your depression for awhile. So, what’s next? Psychotherapy? What do those shrink know? Pills is one of the best ways, right? Yep, you can try coping with your depression with pills, but to do so, you need to have a clinical depression, and you need to see a shrink to get a prescription. So, how to fight regular depression? Probably, embracing it.

Force Yourself To Feel Joy

That is basically what most of your friends or your bride would advise you to do. Force yourself to feel joy. Whenever you are sad or depressed force yourself to cheer up. Put a smile on your face, and everything is going to be fine… no, it’s not going to be fine. Just like with parties, you are fooling yourself into feeling happy or careless towards your depression. Why not trying to embrace your depression? It has nothing to do with self-indulgence or feeling happy about being depressed. You just need to acknowledge the fact that you are depressed. Only after acknowledging the fact you may find out the reasons behind your depression and the ways to get out of it.

The Positive Sides of Depression

Mind that there is no need to fall in love with depression, but there are certain positive aspects of it. In a more poetic way, depression leads us to soul growth, in a more down to earth way, depression helps us develop analytical thinking. When you embrace your depression you are able to break the big problem into components to solve them one by one. And you can use this way of solving the problems even outside of your depressive states. Depression also helps us to be more focused and on target. As soon as you’ve embraced you are on your own, with no other thoughts interrupting yours. Yoг are keeping yourself focused on getting rid of it, and that’s how you win. After your triumph over depression, you can put that attitude to work with other things in your life.

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