World’s First Space Hotel

Fancy a unique vacation destination that’s out of this world? You can thank the Gateway Foundation for turning your space exploration dreams into reality. The Von Braun Space Station is set to be open by 2025 and hopes to attract 100 space-curious tourists per week. The hyper futuristic facility will be assembled by robots and drones and will feature a multitude of amenities.

There will bars, gyms and restaurants to keep guests well fed and fit throughout their stay. The space station will also have artificial gravity features to ensure guests won’t be floating around with their belongings. In terms of design, while the exterior will bear futuristic aesthetics in the form of a large, rotating space station ring surrounded by 24 pressurized pods, the interior design hopes to bring a homey feel that will make guests feel welcomed. Research is currently being done in sourcing for lightweight materials that can be cleaned easily as opposed to stone and wood which cannot be brought outside of orbit. Instead of the white, sterile interior feel you would normally see in the space stations of futuristic Sci-Fi flicks, you can expect to see warm and cozy interiors filled with soft fabrics and warm and welcoming colors instead.

Set to expect 100 tourists a week and even 400 permanent resident. Your very own space odyssey is merely a few years away. So keep an eye out for the Von Braun Space Station in 2025.



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