Unusual Photography – Dream-like Fairy tale Fantasy Photography

In order to capture breathtaking shots for their Follow Me Away project, photographer-model duo TJ Drysdale and Victoria Yore travel the world. They bring whimsical and majestic scenes straight out of a fairy tale, onto a real world landscapes. Each shot features Yore, as she poses with striking yet mystical landscapes as her backdrop. Together, the couple have visited Peru, Iceland, Oregon and captured fantastic images in mysterious areas such as: the base of waterfalls, hauntingly beautiful abandoned buildings and grand mountains.

The couple have big dreams to capture even more quality images, with Yore wearing her signature white dress paired with capes, that add a touch of magic straight out of a story book. They plan on expanding their travel, by exploring the beautiful landscapes of Paris and Italy. This is merely the beginning for Follow Me Away, so keep your eyes on them and be inspired to go on your own magical photography adventure.

via mymodernmet.com

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