The Visually Bizarre Monochrome World of Ethan Murrow

At first glance, these images seem like nothing more than a few blown up black and white photographs. But, take a closer look at the bizarre nature of these visuals and you’ll soon realize, that they’re actually hyper-realistic graphite drawings.

These were all made by Ethan Murrow, an eccentric artist, who draws inspiration from film, current events, media and satire.He creates visually unique drawings, that are more than what meets the eye, with deep meanings behind each piece of artwork. His drawings always have a sense of grand adventure. He features characters, who strive to go against all odds, along a weird and wacky journey, while making the entire experience an intriguing, as you see the contrast between fantasy and reality.

Murrow’s works have been displayed in galleries all over the world. Also, they and can be viewed on his website and instagram accounts. He recently displayed his work at a solo show, in New York City and continues to tell his intriguing tails, through his artwork across the globe.

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