Zoom in on intricate molecular art by David Goodsell

Have you ever seen a HIV virus up close? Who would’ve thought, that magnified paintings of virus cells, proteins and enzymes could make beautiful artwork?

A biologist David Goodsell has been doing this for over 25 years. He paints extremely detailed images of cell structures, that are magnified up to their molecular state. Even though these images are as accurate as they can get, these are merely snapshots of a complex and dynamic structure, since the actual magnified visual could look completely different the next day.

His process of creating an image deals, with a lot of in-depth data, that only an expert could decipher. He uses data collected from atomic structure and biochemical analysis, as well as electron microscopy, in order to get the exact number, shape and placement of molecules.The end product is truly breathtaking and its a wonder, that something as intricately shaped as this, could be present within a living body.

Goodsell’s work can be found across different sites online and they are mostly free to use with attribution.

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