Intricate hand-penned travel journals by José Naranja

Who doesn’t love travelling to new and exotic places? No matter which destination you choose, you would choose a method to preserve the memories of the places you’ve visited. Doesn’t matter how you do it: through photography, vlogging or even putting together your very own travel journal.

This is how an author and artist Jose Naranja, came up with the idea to elevate his journals with intricate hand-penned works of art. Along with well-preserved stamps and all sorts of memorabilia, he immortalised the places he has visited.

In his journals, the ex-aeronautic engineer has carefully gathered his thoughts, about each place he has been to. Each page centres on a certain theme, which can range from eating a bowl of ramen to visiting animals at the zoo. The pages are so detailed, it’s almost unbelievable to note that they’re all hand-drawn.

His journals are available for purchase, as a unique way to know about the places he’s visited. Naranja also publishes his works in his Instagram account.

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