The Deserted Checkpoints of Europe

When people travel to Europe usually they visit well known tourist attraction spots. How about something unusual? Something that you probably won’t see featured on everyone else’s travel blogs? How about mysterious, abandoned border checkpoint buildings scattered along boundaries between European countries? According to an article found on, there used to be checkpoints between some European national borders for travelers or immigrants to cross, as they journeyed to their destination. In 1995, an agreement called the Schengen Agreement or Schengen zone was made, which made it possible to travel across borders freely between a list of European countries, including France, Germany, and Belgium. The checkpoint buildings were abandoned. Now, having been featured in a series of photos taken by Josef Schulz, we rediscover the mysterious beauty of these decaying buildings set against beautiful backgrounds. If you want to plan them into your trip, see Schulz’s work for locations of these buildings.

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