Patrick Lambertz: The Stark Realism of the Chalets of Switzerland

Photographer Patrick Lambertz wanted to challenge the widely held belief that Switzerland is a sanitized playground populated by decorative clocks, joyful singing blonde women with braided hair, and chocolate treats. Lambertz took a series of stark photographs of Swiss Chalets.

A Chalet is an austere house with a sharp, sloping roof that is often made out of wood. Lambertz was fascinated by the bare-bones simplicity and slightly ominous appearance of solitary Chalets.

A series of photographs of lonely, snow covered Chalets showcases the true pathos of life in a rugged mountainous country that is mostly known for its feel good exports. Lambertz states that he became fascinated with the root of the word Chalet – which essentially describes an unadorned shack. Chalets of Switzerland proves that – despite what outsiders may think – Switzerland is prone to the same doldrums as any other country. The Swiss heart is much more complex than most transient travelers know.

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